Types Of Foster Care


Regular Foster care:

Foster care is temporary care for children who have been removed from their own home by the Arizona Department of Child Safety...More


Adoption Certification

Adoption Certifications are require for those that would like to adopt and not foster...More


Medically Complex Foster Care

Medically complex foster families provide 24-hour personalized care for infants, children and adolescents with significant medical needs... More


Specialized Foster Care

Specialized Foster Care are families that are licensed to provide care to specific populations that are their licensing agency is contracted to provide...More

Kinship Foster Care

Refers to the care of children by relatives or close family friends (often referred to as fictive kin)...More


Therapeutic Foster Care

Children are referred to Therapeutic Foster care programs to address their serious levels of emotional and behavioral needs...More


Child Developmental Homes (CDH)

Child Developmental Foster Homes cares for individuals with developmental disabilities, ages 0 to 18 years, who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability....More


Adult Developmental Homes (ADH)

Adult Developmental Homes become the dedicated caregiver and advocate for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities...More